What to Expect from Our SXSW

So its time to talk turkey about SXSW, and about what we’re doing here. The SXSW Convention comes once a year and causes Austin to descend into madness, and brings with it great films, music, and events. As its 9 days long, it might take a bit to discuss some of what is on our docket, so follow after the jump to find out.

The biggest movies and TV shows we’re up on for this year has to be the first place to start, since this is Movie Reelizations after all. Lets break our norm and talk TV first, as there are a few that really interest us. The biggest one is Condor by AT&T networks. Condor is based off the Robert Redford film Three Days of the Condor and the book Six Days of the Condor and it promises espionage intrigue that I just love.

Next up is Barry from HBO and starring/created by Bill Hader. This one makes me thing of the classic Get Shorty as Hader’s character, Barry, is a hitman who follows a hit to a casting call. Well, turns out he loves acting and the community, so he decides to hang up his gun. It has some great celebrity guests featured and just sounds like a lot of fun.

The first movie I want to talk about is a film called Most Likely to Murder starring Adam Pally and Rachel Bloom. This dark comedy makes me think a bit of Grosse Point Blank in that it focuses on Pally’s character coming back to town and finds the girl he loved doesn’t love him. Oh, and there’s murder. It’s a tepid connection, sure, but it along with the great stars has me very excited, especially because I love Rachel Bloom’s work (see Crazy Ex-Grilfriend and her YouTube hit Fuck Me Ray Bradbury

Next up is a film called Heavy Trip which is a Finnish Metal Comedy. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. It seems goofy and fun and right up my alley as a Metalocalypse fan. I don’t have much else to say on it just yet as I’m letting myself stay a bit in the dark about it, but I’m definitely excited for it.

The last film I’ll talk about for now is Blood Fest by Rooster Teeth. I talked a bit about this in the post about the trailer for the film, but I’m a big Rooster Teeth fan, and am interested to see their take on horror comedy. Plus it has a great cast to boot!

Lastly is music as there are a couple acts we’re most excited for. Those are The Frights, who are a fun punk/surf rock band that should make for a fantastic show. The other is Super Organism who have been making a lot of waves lately as they just released their first album, and they are doing a ton of shows in town to promote it!

Anyways, that’s all for now. But let us know if there is anything else you’re interested in that you’d like us to check out. This is just a small portion of the screenings and music. Not to even mention the craziness of other random events.

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