Top 5 Films to Get Spooky With for Halloween

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday and October is really the whole month of Halloween for me. As such I think its a perfect time to share with you all some of the best films to get spooky with for Halloween that you can find on Netflix. There will be some good horror, despite my chicken-ish nature, but I’ll also have some that are just in the spirit. So follow us after the jump here to see our list!

The Babadook

I feel like I have to start out with a favorite horror movie of mine that also comes from my favorite source of them, Fantastic Fest. The Babadook is a movie that can mess with your expectations, and even how you feel about children. You will question if it is insanity, a monster, or both that cause the horror here and it really engages for that. You will be afraid of strange popup books and having children by the end, and its just great.

Young Frankenstein

Next we’ll mix it up with one of the best horror comedies of all times, one of Mel Brooks’ best, Young Frankenstein. The late Gene Wilder as Doctor Frankenstein is comedy genius as he explores his ancestor (the famous Dr. Frankenstein’s) experiments. The whole film is a laugh riot and a brilliant parallel/send up of the original monster movie and will always get you in the spooky spirit.


Tucker and Dale vs Evil

While we’re at comedy I’m going to also bring in another all time great which is Tucket and Dale vs Evil. Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk play two redneck’s who just got a new summer home that happens to be near some vacationing college kids. This film intentionally subverts horror trends and tradition with some great performances. While it isn’t totally creepy or Halloween, it is in the spirit and does take a turn to the spooky. Also, while I haven’t seen it yet I want to say that the director Eli Craig did have a new movie, Little Evil premier on Netflix you can check out this season too.


The Invitation

The Invitation is one that I really appreciate and love and also gets legitimately under my skin. Its not just spooky but also downright creepy and uncomfortable the whole way through. I mean unconformable in the sense of say The Office. This film is an uncomfortable situation that’s also creepy and will keep the hairs on the back of your neck pricked through the end.



What is better than having a horror anthology during Halloween? Nothing I say, and V/H/S is one of the best ones we’ve had since the 80’s, and while not all may hit as well, as a whole it is great. Best to check out with some friends, a bowl of popcorn, and maybe some beers.


We hope that this helps you jam pack your Halloween season with some great spooky enjoyment that maybe you didn’t have already planned. But those aren’t the only good ones on Netflix and certainly not in general. So let us know what spooky films you have planned for this year!

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