A Tour of Mondo Gallery’s Star Wars x Mike Mitchell Show

If you’re a film buff in Austin, TX you’ve definitely heard of Mondo Tees and if you’re from anywhere else there’s a fair chance. Mondo has consistently been a source of gorgeous popculture posters, art and most recently vinyl soundtracks that will pull on most nerd’s heart strings. If you recall we in the past from our Instagram we have covered a special gallery opening hosted by Drive director Nicholas Winding Refn, but this time it was a gallery show of a series of art by one of Mondo’s frequent contributor, Mike Mitchell. Mike has been working on a full series of Star Wars portraiture that is gorgeous and also goes quite deep into the series’ character library. We were invited to a press viewing before the doors officially opened and got some pictures of the gorgeous artwork we want to share with you now, after the jump.


J. J. Abrams says he plans to have John Williams for Star Wars Episode VII

image Written by: Ben


So in awesome news coming out of a recent Star Trek Into Darkness press event, J. J. Abrams was talked about the involvement of John Williams in Star Wars Episode VII. In case you guys are really behind on all things movies, Williams was the composer of the original Star Wars films and his work is basically every song you hear in your head when thinking about the series. With Abrams coming in for this film, set to take place after the original trilogy, its been much debated how much of that will be brought in, and this shows he is taking the greatness of that very seriously. This is all very good news considering the changes that could happen now that Disney owns the rights which really is why the project finally started to move forward after being rumored for years.

Abrams has proven himself a fan of these classic series he takes on like with how much of an homage to the series his Star Trek was. It is the love for the source and original series mixed with the ways he keeps it original as he puts his own take on them that has made Abras a mainstay in the film world following Lost. I am seriously more excited every day to see what news comes from this new Star Wars just as we can’t wait for Star Trek Into Darkness to come out.

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That was an entire world that didn’t exist anywhere else before. It only existed in that movie, and then your brain lived in it for a couple of hours, and it stuck with you… Ever since I saw that film, whether I knew it or not, my ambition has been to give the audience that kind of experience. To create a world that they hadn’t expected before and hadn’t seen before and let them lose themselves in it. There’s a huge advantage of jumping into something original that can be anything.

Christopher Nolan on Star Wars and filmmaking (via wedgeantilles) (via fuckyeahdirectors)