SXSW: Better Call Saul Los Pollos Hermanos Pop-Up

During the SXSW Conference just about anything can happen, and that anything includes fictional restaurants you never imagined you’d get to visit. In the past we’ve seen Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction, but this year we were treated to Los Pollos Hermanos. If you aren’t familiar with this famous chicken restaurant then you must not be familiar with Breaking Bad or its prequel spin-off show Better Call Saul that brought it too SXSW. We get to take part in a special press day where the show’s star, Bob Odenkirk who plays Saul, and returning star Giancarlo Esposito who plays the drug dealing owner of the restaurant Gus, were present. Check out our pictures from the event below!


My love of the Walking Dead should be self-evident from my earlier posting of any news and stills about the TV series AMC is making about this, one of my favorite comic books. As such, when news of a trailer for the series came out at Comic Con I was furious I wouldn’t get to see it, but instantly went to You Tube to try find a video of it. Let me make this abundantly clear upfront:


However I am making an exception as it is just so cool and hasn’t been taken down after being up for a few day…and a more ‘respected’ news site, /Film, posted it as well. So enjoy this, and if it gets taken down I have no gripe(mainly because I saw it, but it is AMC’s right to get it taken down too) so just let me know if that happens so I can delete the post.

Breaking Bad Director to Helm Some of The Walking Dead?

Link: Breaking Bad Director to Helm Some of The Walking Dead?


I’m in the same boat as the writer of this article, in that I’ve never really watched Breaking Bad to be able to alk about it, or Michelle MacLaren for that matter. However, I can also admit that I know the series is in extremely high regard, and I can respect that.

What I can say is that I am indeed a big fan of zombies, and the comic book series, The Walking Dead, of which AMC’s new series of the same name is based on. In the series, writer/creator Robert Kirkman paints an amazing picture of a post-Apocalyptic world overrun by zombies with more skill than just about anyone else. This is done both through the world created and his amazingly deep characters that you grow to love. As such, the news that, at least one of the directors for the 6 episodes ordered for the first season, other then the already announced lead director Frank Darabont, is from Breaking Bad. Again, as I’m not a fan of the show I can’t talk about her episodes, but I know the characters are the heart of that show as well so I have hope. It is good to see AMC sharing talent from one of their great shows to help with another as well. You can follow the link of this post to the source article and likely find her credits to Breaking Bad posted in the comments section by /Film users if you like, otherwise feel free to just reblog this.

<via /Film and Arrow in the Head>

Rick Grimes from “The Walking Dead” revealed. I love the “Walking Dead” book as well and honestly a true Zombie show that is tons of genius and emotional power is astounding. Here is what comic creator Robert Kirkman has to say about it:
“Writing this book for the past seven years I’ve gotten very close to the character of Rick. Andrew Lincoln embodies every aspect of the character that fans know and love. After seeing this photo I don’t think that there will be a doubt in anyone’s mind that he’s perfect for the role.”