SXSW: Better Call Saul Los Pollos Hermanos Pop-Up

During the SXSW Conference just about anything can happen, and that anything includes fictional restaurants you never imagined you’d get to visit. In the past we’ve seen Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction, but this year we were treated to Los Pollos Hermanos. If you aren’t familiar with this famous chicken restaurant then you must not be familiar with Breaking Bad or its prequel spin-off show Better Call Saul that brought it too SXSW. We get to take part in a special press day where the show’s star, Bob Odenkirk who plays Saul, and returning star Giancarlo Esposito who plays the drug dealing owner of the restaurant Gus, were present. Check out our pictures from the event below!

The show’s star Bob Odenkirk spent most of his time outside during the event, talk with press and the crowd. He was met with quite a few cheers and cameras going off and certainly put on a good show atop the car.

Inside the newest addition to the show’s cast, Giancarlo Esposito reprising his role as Gus Fring was in full character. Esposito spent time espousing the quality of his chicken and famous curly fries to the crowd of cameras that surrounded him and his Los Pollos staff. Last but not least we have video of Esposito in full Gus Fring character lauding Los Pollos Hermanos to the awaiting press around him!


Better Call Saul season 3 premiers on Monday, April 10 at 10/9c on AMC

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