SXSW: A Look at Amazon’s Resistance Radio HQ

One of the coolest “houses” at SXSW was Amazon’s Resistance Radio HQ, named for their show The Man in High Castle. What made it so great was that it was actually there for 4 of their shows and represented each of them. They cycled the show each night so that you could get a different experience every time you visited and really captured each show’s style.  Each show got its own little party, gifts you could customize and get on the spot and themed cocktails.We have some pictures from the event to show off HQ as well as the shows in question.

The first motif was for its namesake, The Man in the High Castle which captured an America taken over by the Nazis after they win WWII. The show’s second season premiered a few months earlier and it’s still going strong. The layout of the room was styled after a classic diner with some secret surprises for inquisitive resistance members.

The next show theme is a documentary about the infamous band the Grateful Dead. Long Strange Trip is a 235 minute documentary about the band that is set to debut this May. To celebrate it the venue took on the band’s classic logo and images from their history. On the roof a band rocked out honoring the Dead and their music.


That was followed up by The American Playboy about Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner. I got to watch some of this while there and it looked to be an interesting watch to learn more about Hugh Hefner the man instead of the house coat wearing figure head. The captain of industry’s son and Chief Creative Officer of Playboy, Cooper Hefner, was present to see his father’s new show available on April 7th.

Lastly Amazon’s newest big show, Patriot, got its own outing. The party featured live performances by The Basements, Matthew Vasquez, and Michael Doorman, the show’s lead actor. Guests lined up around the block, all eager to get the chance to see Doorman perform tunes from the show on the venue’s cozy rooftop.

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