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Two years ago, You’re Next premiered at Austin’s Fantastic Fest with high praise. With great reviews coming in from pretty much everyone, the film’s rights were purchased by Lionsgate to be released at a later date.  Why they decided to sit on this movie for so long I don’t know, but the film was just released this weekend and Ben and I were there opening night.

The film follows a large family who has fallen apart over the years, only to reunite over the weekend of their parents’ 35th wedding anniversary at their summer home. The family of 6 tries to settle their differences as the weekend progresses, but some siblings just can’t seem to bury the hatchet. Tensions run high as siblings beginning arguing while their significant other’s are being judged, but to make matters worse a team of highly skilled psychopaths begins slaughtering the family one by one.  As the killers begin closing in on the family and threatening the remaining victims with their signature “you’re next” slogan, they soon realize that one of the houseguests has an uncanny knack for surviving and poses a threat that they did not see coming.

This movie was amazing. From the first kill to the last, the movie is as brutal as horror fans hoped it would be. The initial story of the family reuniting was a narrative that could have been its own movie, but throwing these characters in a world of killers and psychos just puts you on the edge of your seat. Every kill is as brutal as the last and when you think you’ve seen the worst the film just keeps sending you more.


Horror fans have been waiting for a film like this to come along, as it is a revelation for the home-invasion subgenre and is an almost perfect film. The only complaint I could find with this movie is that the reveal of what is actually happening to this family happens a little early on in the second act. But once it is revealed it gives us a further understanding of the characters and also gives us one hell of a third act.

The characters are pretty easy to read when they are first introduced. It’s pretty easy to tell which brother is the asshole and which of the siblings is going to die first, but by act two you know whom you’ll be routing on for the rest of the film. I won’t spoil much about the characters themselves, but Australian actress Sharni Vinson does a great performance as Erin and she’ll be what people are talking about right after leaving the theatre.


Besides the acting and brutal violence, the one thing I grew to love during the film was it’s score. The music at the beginning of the film is suspenseful and adds to the creepy tone, but as the film changes in the third act so does the score. What was once suspenseful music and tones switches into an electronic beat that almost sounds like it came out of a Knight Rider episode and makes the revenge scenes that much more memorable.

Rating: 4.5/5


After premiering almost two years ago, You’re Next has been building a lot of hype for itself with reviews and great admiration. Without surprising anyone the film actually lives up to all the hype. The movie is brutal, smart, and plenty of fun that horror fans to enjoy. The characters are a little easy to read and it’s obvious who is going to be the badass and which ones are just going to build up the body count. The reveal of what is really going on may have happened a little early which changes the tone of the film, but the third act turns into one of the coolest revenge films I’ve ever seen. It’s part The Strangers and part Kill Bill and I highly recommend seeing this movie as soon as possible.

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