Reel Review: Super Troopers 2

Way back in the early part of the 21st century, a group made a movie that changed the way we look at law enforcement. That group was Broken Lizards and they brought us Super Troopers in 2001, and I’ve never looked at a State Trooper the same since. While they had a few more movies they made together since then, it has been almost 20 years since we saw the Troopers. That all changes here and now as Super Troopers 2 is hitting theaters. I had the pleasure of seeing the film early, and interviewing the Broken Lizard team, and now I’m happy to share with you my thoughts on the film.

When we last saw the Troopers they had been fired, but had actually taken over the job as town cops after they got the previous corrupt force arrested. They have since screwed that up and been fired. We find them living their lives, still best friends, and still lovable assholes, when it turns out that the state of Vermont needs them again. It seems the US/Canada border was a little off, and a small town in Canada is actually US soil and they are needed to keep the piece as power transitions. This is met with mixed results from the Mounties stationed there, and the townsfolk, as could be imagined. Its up to the Troopers to keep the piece, and not fuck this up so they can be cops again.

The most important thing to these movies really is the cast, as the Broken Lizards team really sell it, and find great people to play along with. Not to diminish individual performance, but I just want to say all 5 of the Broken Lizards team really jump right back into these characters and nail what we love about them right away. I’ll say Jay Chandrasekhar, who also directs, is great again as Thorny and gets to have a lot of fun breaking his character down in some fun ways. Kevin Heffernana as Farva, the biggest fuckup of the group who doesn’t quite get how to balance shenanigans and his job, is really utilized to say and do the most deranged things they can think up. Also Erik Stolhanske gets a slightly bigger story and love interest, and does a great job trading barbs with Farva who thinks he’s the one said lady wants. We also get the return of Brian Cox as Cpt. O’Hagan who is great at managing this team of mad men. Along with the main cast there’s a great addition of their Canadian Mountie counterparts played by Will Sasso, Tyler Labine, and Hayes MacArthur. If you don’t already know those names then you really should, and definitely will by the end of the film because they pretty much steal every scene with thick French Canadian accents and brilliant jokes. We also get a great addition of Rob Lowe as Guy Le Franc, the mayor of the, now formerly Canadian, town. And last but not least Emmanuelle Chriqui as Genevieve who is a member of the town leadership also helping with the transition of ownership. The French Canadian accents by all really are fantastic.

As for writing and directing, the whole Broken Lizards team deserves a pat on the back for how funny the film really is. They prove their well of comedy, none-the-less police based comedy, is far from dry as I found myself laughing almost every minute of this film. Truly some of the best character moments, and just off the wall humor I could hope for abounds throughout the film. I just wish I could say that the plot was more truly original and great to balance it. It parallels the original in quite a few ways, which I feel is playing it a little safe. They do a good job varying it up throughout the film too, but it really does feel a little safe narratively. Still they deserve a lot of credit for making the jokes and plot work together and all hold up well as a lot of comedies and comedy sequels really do have trouble with that. Chandrasekhar, who has directed all of their films except Slammin’ Salmon, does a really good job of balancing everything and really giving every actor in the film their own moments to really shine through. Its clear that the whole team has learned a lot more about film making over the last 17 years and really knows how to make a film that just works and will keep you laughing throughout.

Rating: 4.5/5


As a big fan of the Broken Lizards guys and their work I was excited, but definitely a little nervous that after so long away they couldn’t do it. I’m really happy to say that that is far from the case here and that they knock it out of the park. I may rate it a little higher than those that aren’t long time fans of their stuff might as the weaker narrative can be a bigger black eye to others, but I definitely think it will still stand out as one of the funniest comedies in recent years. I highly recommend you get out there and see this film if you want to have a fun time in the theater!

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