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It’s that wonderful time of year once again dear Reelers, it’s time for ghost and ghouls, bats and banshees, slashers and home invasion nightmares! That’s right, it’s October and all too soon it will be All Hallow’s Eve, and like last year we hear at Movie Reelizations want to help you in picking some awesome (and possibly new to you) horror movies to celebrate it with! We had a lot of fun writing ourselves, and bringing in some guest writers for our 12 Days of Horror, and while we are downsizing it a bit to just 7 Days of Spooky, that doesn’t mean we’re dropping the quality recommendations. Follow after the jump for more details on whats to come!

First off I want to answer the question I’m sure at least a few of you have: Why only 7 days this year? Well, the answer is fairly simple: 12 days was too much. We got a lot of fantastic guest writers who were a big help and wrote some great pieces, but even with them Garrett and myself still had to write 4-5 of them each to make it to 12. While we do have one or two new additions to this year’s roster (more on that in a bit) its still not 12 people and regrettably Garrett is busier, I’m busier (I still haven’t even finished all the Fantastic Fest coverage) and Jason, who will be writing a recommendation for this year’s series its just too much work when you can’t even watch 15 movies on Halloween.

So with that on the way, I bet you’re wondering on the docket. Well first up is that the 7 days with start on Friday October 24th so that it will end just before Halloween so you have plenty of time to find a way to watch all the great movies we’ll be recommending. The next is that the writers will be the aforementioned normal team here as well as all as our 3 guest writers from last year (Tony Griffin, Kyle Schuttler, and Matt Glasthal) and 1 new writer, Alex McElroy. We’re incredibly happy to have everyone back from last year and they have some great ideas for new movies to recommend. Its also great to have Jason including his own recommendation (could be animated in some form or could be live action, you’ll have to wait and see) and its nice to have Alex joining in on the fun.

Anyways, that’s just about all for now but keep your eyes peeled to the site, the Facebook, and/or the Twitter feed for these posts starting on the 24th!

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