Movie Reelizations’ 12 Days of Horror

image Written by: Ben


Hello everybody and welcome to the most wonderful time of the year! For those of you saying “But Ben, its only October, Christmas isn’t for another two months!” you can leave now. Because it it October, and Halloween, the best holiday of the year, is quickly approaching. This year we decided to bring you a treat in the form of 12 Days of Horror. Why 12 days? Well follow us after the jump for more details!

So why 12 days? Because why should Christmas get 12 day when Christmas movies are largely boring and annoying and Halloween is awesome!?!? So I rallied our horror specialist Garrett, and brought in some friends to help keep it diverse, and we’re gonna give you 12 awesome horror movies to watch starting tomorrow 10/19 and ending on Halloween.

But wait… friends? Who are these friends I speak of? Well there are a few so it’d take a while to individually introduce them now. So I’ll build up some cheap suspense and just say you’ll meet them in the future when they post.

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