First Trailer for Super Troopers 2

Super Troopers 2 Poster
Property of Broken Lizards

I remember in 2001 when the original Super Troopers came out and I, a young middle school student at the time, wanted to see it. Of course, I couldn’t see it in theaters being too young for an R-Rated film at the time, but I did get to see it later when finally on home video. That movie was one of the funniest things I had seen as a kid, and still is, with the Broken Lizards team really nailing the comedy and also providing a pretty solid story. They have since made multiple other funny films, but been kind of on a hiatus for a bit, that is until now with Super Troopers 2 on the way. We finally have our first trailer, so please follow us after the jump for the trailer and more info on the movie.

The whole cast seems to be returning for the sequel, which is a bit expected as most are actually part of the Broken Lizard crew, but thankfully Brian Cox is back too as he was such an great part of the original. The cast this time will also be including other bigger name stars like Rob Lowe, and a favorite of mine Emmanuelle Chriqui are also featured. The story here is that their seems to be an issue with the US/Canada border where some of believed Canada is actually the US. As such, someone from the US needs to police it and that falls to everyone’s favorite State Troopers. International incidents and highjinks of course ensue, including more traffic stop games. Its gonna be fun on bun and we can’t wait to catch this one in theaters after waiting 17 years for a sequel to the original film.

Now, without further ado, its time to grab your liter of cola and watch the trailer right meow!

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