Ben, Garrett and Sienna talk the 2013 remake of Evil Dead and other horror remakes. We try to avoid spoilers as we relish in the gore and discuss what we love about it.

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Special thank you to Ross “DJ Rosco” Schwartz for letting us use his awesome remix of the the Evil Dead Red Band trailer for our first break song. The remix is more then just an audio one, its actually a remix of the video too and is a really cool watch. Be warned, it is the Red Band trailer, so mature level gore, but you can watch the full video after the jump here:

Evil Dead “Trailer Remix” from Ross on Vimeo.

New Reel Too Real episode, this time its Animation Amazingness. The full crew of Ben, Garrett and Sienna are here this time with special guest artist and animator Jason Thomas joining us to add some extra insight.

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Welcome to another Reel Too Real podcast, with Ben and Garrett talking about movies we watch with family. We cover some news (possibly being wrong about Jack Reacher news) then we get into movies we watch with our families as well as our pick for the best movie gift to give or get this holiday season.

So enjoy, and we’ll be back within a month to talk about our favorite movies of the year.

Enjoy the second ever Reel Too Real Podcast with Ben, Garrett and Sienna. We talk trailers, news and December releases. Sorry for the shoddy sound this time, but recording communication from across the country posed more challenges then planned, but we will work on it for next time.