In Preparation for John Wick 2 Here’s Our Keanu Reeves Interview from John Wick

At Fantastic Fest 2014 John Wick premiered to a crowd a little dubious of a big star led action movie (we get plenty that are no more than marketing) and turned out to be an instant classic. Ben was there and got the chance to sit down with John Wick himself, Keanu Reeves, for an interview. As John Wick 2 premiers today we wanted to share that interview with you again. You can find the interview here and keep an eye out this weekend for our John Wick 2 review!

SXSW 2017 Film Line-Up

Hey there everyone, once again we are not dead just really behind on providing you with content. This time though it is with the news that we will be attending and covering SXSW for film and possibly some other segments of the festival. As such, still behind the announcement by a bit, we have our coverage of the announced films for you. Follow us after the jump for our early highlights as well as the full press release!


Reel Review: Girls Lost

I first heard about Girls Lost when a press contact asked me about being interested in a screener of the film, and after reading the description, it certainly caught my eye.  A Swedish film about gender and sexual identity with a magical element really sounded different and engaging to me so I took the offer. So without further ado, why don’t I get into the review.


Reel Review: Kubo and the Two Strings

I went into Kubo and the Two Strings knowing nothing more than that it was the newest film by the amazing Laika studios and that it was set in ancient Japan. It’s rare that I get a chance to enter into a film with that much potential behind it basically blind so I was certainly excited. Even the crowd of children in the theater didn’t dissuade me since Laika’s films are generally for kids, even if they aren’t the best movie theater companions.


Fantastic Fest 2016 1st Wave of Programming

We’re running a bit late on our coverage of the announcements for Fantastic Fest, which regular readers will instantly recognize as our favorite film festival of the year. But we’re making up for that now with the listing of the first wave of films that will be shown at the festival! Follow us after the jump for some highlights from us as well as all the full press release and listing.


Reel Review: Don’t Think Twice

Don’t Think Twice is a movie I didn’t know was coming until I saw it at SXSW this year actually. I’m a big fan of Mike Birbiglia as a comedian and his first film, Sleepwalk With Me, was a well told story with an interesting style and his voice as it was based off his standup. So needless to say I was quite excited to see his sophomore feature and to see how he handled a narrative not well rehearsed from his standup and his life. I didn’t get to review it after SXSW but I did get a chance to see it again now and I’m happy to share my feelings on it.


SXSW Review: The Bandit

While I don’t watch as many as I should. I do always have a soft spot for documentaries, especially at festivals. One of my favorite sub-genres has to be the production documentary that gives more insight to the making of a movie, and SXSW this year had one that immediately stuck out to me in The Bandit. I’ve yet to find someone who legitimately dislikes Smokey and the Bandit and you can’t tell me you dislike Burt Reynolds and mean it, so I made sure to find time for this at the festival. So now the question is does this documentary outrun the cops and succeed or crash when jumping the river.


First Official Clip from The Master Cleanse

Some of you who have been readers since way back may recall my close following of the short film Tub by Bobby Miller way back in 2010, and while I didn’t cover it on the site it did lead to my first festival and the first short film I owned on DVD. It was weird, quirky and dark which is just my style and part of why I was already a fan of Miller’s work from his web series. So why am I bringing this up? Well He has been working on his first feature for a few years now called The Master Cleanse and it’s now premiering at SXSW this year and I’m definitely excited to see it! We’re also excited to share the first official clip of it with you because it is cool and unsettling as much as we could hope. Follow us after the jump from the front page for the clip and some more info.


New Trailer for Hardocore Henry

If you keep up with genre film and at least news from festivals you’ve likely heard of Hardcore Henry which debuted at TIFF and looked pretty interesting. The film is shot all in first person and is a pretty wild action movie it would seem with some super powers and gun based craziness. I will admit that I’m not sure how it will function as a full movie but it does look pretty cool, and it happens to be showing at SXSW. As such we’re happy to share this newest trailer for the movie and are interested to hear what you think of it in the comments below.