About Us

About Us

Movie Reelizations launched in late 2009 on Tumblr under the name “Reelizations”. It was launched by Ben Glasthal, a film student and cinephile in Dallas, TX looking for a place to share his passion and knowledge of film. In its earliest days the site was little more then a personal blog with a film aim. There was lots of reblogging other people’s posts. But over time this changed as Ben began to post film news stories from his favorite sites and add his own editorial opinions on the story. When the Dallas International Film Festival began Ben had already been considering writing reviews and upon seeing the interesting films the festival offered, Ben began reviewing films as well. While there were still lots of reblogged posts at this time, and the editorialized new stories and reviews were fairly novice, this was the true start of the blog becoming what it is today.

This early showing of true serious and professional blogging was a bit of a false start in the end. The consistency of updates to the blog, other then the occasional reblog or hardly editorialized news story, dropped off considerably. In fact it dropped off and picked up quite a few times over the next few years as Ben focused more on school, work and life then writing for the blog he had created. In fact, there was only one post to the blog in 2011, a review for the film The Adjustment Bureau (due to a technical error this review was taken down, but has since been put back up, but will no longer appear in 2011 in the archives) But he still had the ambition to make it a full, respectable and trustworthy source for movie and even TV news and opinions on the web.

In April 2012 Ben decided to turn things around, vowing more frequent updates to the blog, and reviews of every movie has seen. While life has been hectic this year for Ben, relocating to Austin, TX, making that the site’s home, he held up to that with 5 reviews in the next two months. The site’s design has been updated for a more clean and streamlined feel to make finding things and reading posts easier. The site was also rebranded to it’s current name, Movie Reelizations, to allow it to get its own domain name to make finding and accessing it easier for readers. Also to help ease the work load and ensure more content some new contributors are being brought in, and we are still looking to include more.

Throughout all the changes, and in adding new writers, the aim of the site has remained constant. All content is from the point of view of a film student. Whether you went to school to study or did it in depth in your living room, its the point of view of someone who studies film that drives Movie Reelizations. Here at Movie Reelizations we will continue to provide you with movie reviews, news and opinions with our in depth knowledge to help educate and entertain you.

Who Are We?

Ben Glasthal
Founder, Lead Contributor and Editor in Chief

Ben Glasthal is a film student who loves to write and edit videos as well as stories and blogs. Ben was born in Boston, MA and lived on the South Shore of Massachusetts for 10 years before moving to Dallas, TX. While living in Dallas, TX, Ben found a passion for video production from courses and high school and decided to study it in college as well. After 3 years, on and off, at the University of North Texas, Ben relocated to Austin, TX to finish his degree at ACC and to look for production work. Ben is kind of a massive nerd and when he’s not watching movies or TV he’s reading comics or playing video games on his PC or Xbox.

Ben’s Articles

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Kyle Schuttler

Kyle Schuttler is a writer and talkative movie geek obsessed with the art of storytelling—whether it be on the page, at the theatre, or from the TV. As a wordsmith, he is proficient at transcribing his volubility onto the screen with a keyboard and is passionate about discussing themes, ideas, and narratives while intermittently quoting “The Simpsons”. He was encouraged by his friends to use his powers of gab for good as a cromulent film and television critic.

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Harrison McLain

Harrison is a full-time History student, rest-of-the-time app developer and all around geek.  He usually can be found in San Marcos, TX attending Texas State University.  When he isn’t making games or learning about people long dead, he’s usually playing games.  Harrison is also an accomplished web designer, soon-to-be published author, and, according to his mom, “really amazing at what he does.”  Of course, his success owes a lot to his amazingly good looks and extremely developed social skills.  No, really.

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Or check out his own work at Not Worthy Studios