31 Days of Spooky: You’re Next

You're NextI’ve come to learn that when my friends come from a movie at Fantastic Fest and won’t shut up about a movie, I should see it. That was the case with You’re Next which I skipped because I was a chicken. I generally hate home invasion movies because I figure that’s the most likely horror scenario for me to experience. So when it went to wider release, I manned up. And boy was it worth it! Follow after the jump to find out why.

You’re Next follows the Davison family as they go to their family estate. The parents and all the kids and their significant others turn out for a family dinner. But it quickly becomes clear that they aren’t alone in this secluded country area. There is a group wearing animal masks who wishes them ill. Surprising to most of the family Erin (Sharni Vinson), the girlfriend of middle child Crispin (AJ Bowen) seems to know exactly what to do. The film quickly turns from home invasion to brutal survival awesomeness.You're nextThis movie kinda just came out of nowhere and wowed everyone, and for good reason. The director, Adam Wingard, and writer, Simon Barrett, went on to also make the great The Guest just a few years later. Honestly, I need to revisit The Guest for sure, but You’re Next just checks all my boxes. A badass female protagonist, clever and brutal kills with slasher sensibilities, and kind of a deadly Home Alone vibe. There is a great last kill in a kitchen…I can’t spoil it, so just let your imagination run wild. Vinson really steals the show but Joe Swanberg makes a good appearance here, as does horror director Ti West. And lastly I just have to mention the killer soundtrack which gets some awesome electro-synth sounds going. I totally have it on vinyl and just jam out to it on the regular. This film is quite honestly a favorite and I can’t recommend it enough. Its fun, its smart, and it is all kinds of brutal.

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