31 Days of Spooky: Let Me In

The 2000’s were generally a bad time for vampires thanks to Twilight. Thankfully 2008 gave us the Swedish film Let the Right One In. But I’m actually here to talk to you about the American remake called Let Me In. Why? Well, its actually a great remake, and its the one that I saw first so it holds a bigger place for me than the original. Let’s dig into this vampire flick that’s for the kids.

Let Me In tells the story of a friendless young boy named Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee). He lives with his mother as his parents are divorcing, leaving him unattended to go out at night. One such night he sees an older man and a girl his age moving in next door. He learns her name is Abby (Chloë Grace Moretz) and they become fast friends, communicating via Morse Code through the walls of their apartment. The thing is that Abby holds a secret, that she’s a vampire, and her older companion (Richard Jenkins) is actually helping her get blood. What transpires though is something of sad story of love and illness.

Really what nails Let Me In is just how approachable it is, even if you don’t like monsters. The stories at the heart hit on a personal level and layered love story is quite beautiful. The films younger cast does most of the heavy lifting here. Moeretz really debuted in Kick-Ass a few months before the release of Let Me In actually. But now she’s kind of a household name, and this film really secures why she should be as she acts well above her age. Smit-McPhee was in much the same boat having just been in The Road. Now, he may may be less recognized for his more recent roles, but he really plays the fragile young hero well. I also want to highlight Jenkins. He is such a stellar actor who so rarely takes the large roles. Here he is more of a mid-level role, but really gives his usual strong performance. Lastly of note is that this film is actually directed by Matt Reeves. He’s a guy I have to say has done nothing but great work behind the camera. In retrospect the pieces of this film should convince you unto themselves why its one to check out.

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