31 Days of Spooky: The Invitation

The Invitation

Its Halloween season again Reelers, and this year I’m trying to give you 31 days of spooky things to watch. These will be at least on theme, and generally try to avoid the ones we’ve covered in past years. The one we’re starting off with is The Invitation from 2015. So keep an eye out this week for more, and read on to find out about The Invitation.

The Invitation actually showed at Fantastic Fest a few years ago, but its one I missed then. The basic synopsis is that Will (Logan Marshall-Green) accepts an invite to a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife. They have pretty much not seen each other since the divorce and its clear it was a traumatic break. And yet she is very welcoming, to an odd extent. What follows is a very tense and unsettling evening that will keep you guessing.

I was at first really hesitant to see it because of just how unsettling it seemed. It wasn’t clear where it would go, and it just might’ve been a super uncomfortable experience which I don’t love. But some friends convinced me to come over and watch it when it went on streaming. I have to say that director Karyn Kusama made for a movie that plays on that, but also right up the horror tropes too. It is a well shot bottle film sort of story with some really effective performances that will twist you with every development. I’ve used “unsettling” twice so far to describe The Invitation, but honestly I think its the most accurate. This is one that will throw you throughout.

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