31 Days of Spooky: Horns

HornsDaniel Radcliffe has had an interesting trajectory post Harry Potter. One of the first ones to really interest me was Horns. It’ll surprise few of you at this point for me to say I saw it at Fantastic Fest. Quite honestly it was some creative fun. As such I think its a great next addition to our Halloween series.

The film is the story of Ignatius “Ig” Perrish (Radcliffe). He is a member of a rich family, and his girlfriend Merrin has been raped and murdered. Despite no real evidence and his claims of innocence, the town believes he is the culprit. After a night of drinking and urinating on a memorial to Merrin he wakes up with the titular horns now on his head. These horns cause people around him to tell him their darkest desires, and if Ig tells them to, get them to act on it. With this new power, and a desire to find the killer of his love Ig goes into detective mode.


This film gets crazy and that is thanks to the creative team behind it. Written by Joe Hill (son of Stephen King and author of the original book) this film has a horror pedigree. Hill has made a career picking up his father’s horror mantle and making it his own with great work, and this one is no different. It has dark biblical ties and is a fantastic tale of murder and betrayal. Director Alexandre Aja gives the film an eerie stylized feel that I think really sells it. Mix that with Radcliffe being a good likeable tool, and you have a strong concoction. A supporting cast of Joe Anderson and Juno Temple also really helps the film have strong and relatable performances. This film gets darkly funny, and sometimes just dark, and I love it. Its a great fit for the Halloween season.

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