31 Days of Spooky: Halloween (1978 )

HalloweenI feel like I shouldn’t have to recommend Halloween to you. I mean, its a god damn classic. An institution. And yet, here we are. I mean, a new one is coming out so I need to remind people of the original too. So here it goes.

As I’m sure you know Halloween is the story of the killer Michael Myers. He returns to his home of Haddonfield where he had stabbed his older sister to death 15 years prior. This his main target turns out to be high school student Laurie Stroud (Jamie Lee Curtis). As Michael slashes and kills throughout the town, the police and his therapist Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) hunt Michael down.


So why should you watch this? Well, lets start with its one of the per-eminent slashers of all time. John Carpenter understood the just terrifying menace of the pale masked killer lurking all over. Also his score is such the thing of legends that you will have it in your head for the next hour. And you will love it! Curtis is also a legendary final girl thanks to this film. This is why she’s a star, even if you didn’t know her from it originally. Also, Pleasance is great as the doctor that knows Michael is evil and wants him dead. You’ll never see a doctor take his practice more seriously.

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