31 Days of Spooky: Green Room

Green RoomEven as I put Green Room on my list for this series, I expected flack. Its not a horror movie, its not a ghost or monster movie, nor is it meta. Green Room is really a brutal and fun thriller that’ll rock you. But its also just a damn good movie. As such I made the executive decision to still include it because far too few people have. Even after it got a lot of hype. So let me convince you why you should watch it.

We start by following a punk band comprised of Pat (Anton Yelchin), Sam (Alia Shawkat), Reece (Joe Cole) and Tiger (Callum Turner). They’re touring the Pacific Northwest by car and just doing shows as they can get them. Unfortunately one of their big ones cancels on them, and they need the money to keep touring. Luckily a friend hooks them up with a show. Unlikely that show is at a Nazi Skinhead bar a bit out into the woods. Things seem to go ok though, even with them antagonizing the skinheads a bit. That is until they go back to the titular green room and see a dead body. From that point on its a fight for survival against Patrick Stewart and his Nazis. Oh yeah, that’s right. Patrick Stewart is the Skinhead leader and he is a terrifying force.

Let me just go ahead and say that writer/director Jeremy Saulnier does amazing here. From the concept, to the location, to the cast, to the action everything just falls into place. As I’m sure you can guess, since it happens a lot on this series, I saw Green Room first at Fantastic Fest. Lets just say the crowd there lost their minds over this film. As Stewart commands brutal attacks by his Skinhead forces, from machete slashing up arms to dogs tearing apart flesh, you will feel the viscera. Yelchin gives one of his best performances as a scrawny punk rocker who is in a fight for his life. He squares off verbally with Stewart perfectly, and works closely with Imogen Poots who knows the Skinheads’ ways and is trapped like the band. Honestly, I don’t want to spoil more, I actually just want to watch it again talking about it.

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