31 Days of Spooky: Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the WoodsI figured it was about time that I went to one of my favorite pieces of meta horror. Cabin in the Woods came on my radar originally just for Joss Whedon writing and producing. Turns out Drew Goddard directing should’ve been a highlight too. You might know him as the guy that just made Bad Times at the El Royale. But mix that with a great cast too and you’ve got a hell of a movie.

The film is centered around a titular cabin in the woods. A group of college kids are going out to this cabin for a fun weekend. But, we quickly learn they’ve been affected by some control by some secret organization. So when they are led to a hatch in the floor full of horror trope symbols, they pick their own demise. In this case its hillbilly zombies that went satanic cannibal. The kids must try to survive, while the evil attacking them is also deciding the fate of the world.

Its hard to get into it further than that without spoilers of some of the fun sadly. But Cabin in the Woods does a great job playing up horror tropes, and playing against them. Goddard nails his target of movies like Evil Dead with the cabin setting, while also bringing in tons of other horror classics. There’s a fantastic scene where we see all the monsters penned up for the possible choices the victims could choose. It is done beautifully, in a way that Goddard parallels in his most recent film too. The film includes a varied cast, but the biggest names are probably Chris Hemsworth (shot before Thor, but out right after), Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins. But it also was the major debut of the amazingly talented Fran Kranz as well. This film will make you laugh, and also cheer at the gore. Trust me and watch this.

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