31 Days of Spooky: Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue SeaWith The Meg having come out this year, it feels right to talk about Deep Blue Sea this Halloween. Its not brilliant, but it can be a fun time. Sharks, isolation, and young Thomas Jane should be all you need to hear. But follow along after the jump to learn more.

Deep Blue Sea is the story about a research center running experiments on sharks to try to cure Alzheimer’s. So its actually kinda the same story as the new Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The hubris of man is that we make the sharks super smart, and as such they start using those brains. They start disabling the facility and killing the researchers and staff. It gets bloody, it gets goofy, and the writing is as corny as the concept deserves.

This is directed by Renny Harlin who is probably best known for Cliffhanger and Die Hard 2. That should kinda tell you what you need to know about Deep Blue Sea. Mix in a cast including Thomas Jane, Saffron Burrows, Michael Rapport, LL Cool J, and Samuel L. Jackson, you might get a better idea. Jackson even has one of his best scenes ever where he goes all out, and the audience is rewarded for it. But the film then balances that with scenes of the models of sharks…and LL Cool J’s hat, being mistaken for sharks. Its a beyond unbalanced and gloriously dumb mess. But it gets bloody and has fun with it to the point that I still really like it. At least enough to say that if you haven’t seen it then it might be a fun thing for this Halloween season.

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