World Premier of Lazer Team at Fantastic Fest

As mentioned in the Fantastic Fest Second Wave post earlier, the film Lazer Team made by Rooster Teeth is set to have its world premier at the festival this year. Its incredibly exciting for me as a big fan of Rooster Teeth and someone who’s been following the movie to be able to be there to cover the premier. To coincide with that we’ve gotten more on this film and its premier that we are passing on to you guys now.


Fantastic Fest 2015 Second Wave

The Second Wave of Fantastic Fest XI is here and we have that list for you and this one is a doozy. The opening night films are announced finally as is the theme for the opening night party and its shaping up to be one of the best years ever for now. Follow us after the jump for a breakdown of it and the full list of this wave’s films!


First Trailer and Poster for The Keeping Room

Fresh off the presses from Drafthouse Films is the news of their next upcoming release, The Keeping Room, a dark feminist western with a lot of promise. Besides this gorgeous poster up above we also have a trailer for the film which features some good talent and plot. Follow us after the jump for more on the movie and the aforementioned trailer!


Fantastic Fest 2015 First Wave

Hey guys, we’re a little late on this post (thank Windows 10 issues with my work computer) but I’m beyond happy and excited to share the First Wave of films for this year’s Fantastic Fest! I’ll be there again this year with reviews and hopefully a few interviews (still waiting on my confirmed press credentials) so you can look forward to that. But now, without further ado lets hit the break and then get into the list!


Felt Being Released on VOD

You may remember our review of Felt, the gender based psychological thriller, from earlier in this month, and we are happy to now be able to inform you it is getting released on VOD. Its a movie with a great thriller energy and some wonderful performances and while it is one that, if from my review sounds up your alley, you shouldn’t miss. It will launch on VOD on July 21st on all the usual sources you go to for your VOD needs.

Reel Review: Felt

I will fully admit that I kind of avoided Felt at Fantasitc Fest when it premiered for the same reason I had a hard time getting into the movie when I recently watched it for review. Its not that I thought it would be bad or even an aversion to discussion of rape and gender issues (if you know anything about Fantastic Fest you know that isn’t unusual ground for the movies) but rather it was the naturalist approach to the movie. This is a movie supremely grounded in reality to the point that it makes you uncomfortable frequently and makes the ominous tones throughout really worrying.