Reel Review: True Story

When you hear about a movie starring Jonah Hill and James Franco comedy is the first thing that comes to mind, and secondly you’d at least think its gonna be good as their films together generally are. That certainly was my thoughts when I heard about True Story originally a few months ago, and despite the fact that this one was a drama I did have high hopes. So the big question is whether or not that actually paid off as their pairings usually do, and of course I have your answer after the jump.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer 2 Released

I’m gonna let Ant- Man finish but it was just dethroned as the best trailer this week but the grandaddy of summer blockbusters, Star Wars. That’s right, today was the premier of the newest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens with a trailer featuring some of the original cast and it’s just that good! Follow us after the jump for the trailer.


Matthew Vaughn Possibly Directing Flash Gordon

I’m not a big fan of reporting on things that aren’t finished deals as they’re basically rumors, though when those rumors are about really awesome possibilities I’m a bit weak. While the site was down the fantastic Kingsmen directed by Vaughn came out and made me very happy and I’m always a fan of Flash Gordon thanks to the 1980’s film. So thankfully there’s more than just simple rumor on this but if you’d like all the details you’ll want to follow us after the jump.


First Trailer for Sinister 2

Some of you may remember the film Sinister which came out a few years back written by former critic and Austin’s own C. Robert Cargill. Well he’s written a sequel which has been filming and we finally have a trailer out for it! Follow us after the jump for some more info and the trailer itself. (more…)

Reel Review: Furious 7

If you’ve read the site for a while now you should understand my tastes enough to even expect that I am a big fan of the Fast and Furious series of movies. So Furious 7, even with the regrettable looming specter of Paul Walker’s unfortunate death, has been one of my biggest movies of the summer behind only Avengers 2: Rise of Ultron. With a much lauded showing as SXSW I was beyond excited for my midnight screening and now that that’s done I am happy to pass me feelings and experience on to you guys!


Welcome to the New Movie Reelizations


Hey Reelers and welcome to the new Movie Reelizations!

You may have wondered why it was down for a while and it was because Tumblr (who was hosting us previously) had basically outstayed its use so we wanted to move to something more functional like WordPress. Of course I, and our team in general, really didn’t know anything about coding or making a site so we called in the help of Jason’s friend Harrison McLain who was kind enough to help with this redesign!

We think it looks great, though there may also be a few growing pains. We copied over all the old posts, just the formatting went a little crazy for one and another is just that some plugins still may be giving us some issues as we get used to them. But otherwise we love the new look and functionality and hope you do too. If you want to see more of Harrison’s work as well as his game projects then we recommend checking out his site at Not Worthy Studios.

Last but not least of all we’d also like to formally welcome Kyle Schuttler to the site as an ongoing contributor! You may remember Kyle from his work which showed up in our 12 Days of Horror from a couple years ago or even from his great articles on The TV Dudes. It’s a pleasure to have him joining us and we will have more from him and some others down the line.

Anyways, that’s all for now but keep an eye out for new posts to get us started. If you have any questions or issues then please comment below or tweet at us at @MoviReelization!

My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn Release

Written by: Ben


Hey fans of film docusmentaries and fans of the director Nicolas Winding Refn alike, it turns out the documentary about his work technique directed by his wife, Live Corfixen, is finally getting a full release. The film _My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn _will be released to select theaters and to Video On Demand on Friday February 27th and is something you should consider checking out for sure. You can find my review here from when I got the chance to see it at Fantastic Fest. It is a really intersting documentary and an interesting look into the mind of one of the most up and coming directors in the world of indie action and you should check it out!

7 Days of Spooky: Coraline

image  Written by: Jason

It took me no time at all to decide what movie I should write about for this horror series and I swear it was one of my easiest choices. Sure I flirted with the idea of writing about some genuinely terrifying animated drama like Watership Down are Plague Dogs” but frankly those or more heart wrenching than “spooky.” No, the best, animated movie for “spooky” is the one that starts with rainbows and gumdrops and turns into rainbows and gumdrops that want to murder you! And that’s pretty much the best description of Coraline I can fit in one sentence.